February 2020

The Future Of Fintech Post Brexit

As our world becomes increasingly data-driven, the fintech sector is thriving in the UK. But with 42 per cent of the sector’s workers coming from overseas, will the industry be able to maintain its rate of growth post-Brexit?

Our founder Christian Nentwich – who was born and raised in Austria – recently spoke with City A.M. about the difficulties Brexit could create for fintech SMEs. As an entrepreneur who has successfully built Duco into one of the UK’s fastest-growing organisations, he believes that this is a great place to start and grow a business. Now that we have left the EU, however, he predicts challenging times ahead for smaller fintech organisations.

From finding talent to absorbing the extra costs of working with European clients, Christian outlines a number of issues that could affect fintech companies post-Brexit. To find out more about these issues, read the full story here.