Duco for Crypto

The world’s leading crypto companies use Duco to reconcile and control their data and stay ahead of regulation.

Bridge the gap between blockchain and FIAT

Whether you’re traditional finance or crypto-native, Duco’s data integrity platform empowers you to align your processes and technology across fiat and digital assets.

Boost Agility

The crypto market moves fast, and so does the Duco Platform. It’s live in just 24 hours and you can use it to respond quickly to new business needs. Ingest and transform data from any source, from fiat payments to blockchain records to KYC.

Bolster Compliance

The Duco platform has been shaped by the needs of customers working in heavily regulated industries. Use it to strengthen your governance, stay compliant, and react fast to future crypto regulations.

Conquer Complexity

Duco simplifies the complex task of managing blockchain and fiat data. End-users can build new reconciliations in just 62 minutes on average thanks to our Natural Rule Language. Our flexible platform can aggregate and automate disjointed processes into one smooth workflow.

Minimise Risk

Ensure automated, streamlined data controls to stay on top of volume and complexity, even when dealing with multiple chains, wallets, custodians and banks. Gain a clear, transparent picture of your operations to reduce risk and simplify auditing.

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Use Duco for

Internal System of Records vs Blockchain

Internal System of Records vs Liquidity Provider

Crypto Trades vs Payments

Internal System of Records vs Custodian

Internal Accounting System vs Bank/PSP

Closing the gap between TradFi and crypto

Special guests from BlockFi and Fidelity Digital Assets joined Duco to discuss the main synergies and friction we’re likely to see between fiat and crypto in 2022.

Duco in Numbers

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Average time to set up a new reconciliation


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IT cost reduction


Want to discover how firms just like yours are tackling the challenges of managing complex crypto data?

Book a one-to-one crypto data strategy session to uncover your true reconciliation footprint, revealing:

How much time and money your business is spending on data quality and reconciliation

The volume of data you’re processing and the chokepoints between systems

The ROI of automating these reconciliation and data quality processes

These insights and the industry best practices we’ll share will help you create a potential roadmap for wider data quality automation across your organisation.

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