For smaller businesses or firms that need a starter option to get them up and running


For businesses that need rapid automation and control of higher volume or more complex data


Best-in-class control platform for global, mission critical or highly regulated companies

Core Features
Flexible data ingestion
Everything in Ignite, plus:
Everything in Team, plus:
No-code data transformation and normalisation
High scale volume and user support
Volume support to hundreds of millions of records per day
Duco Alpha auto-configuration (machine learning)
Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0)
Additional “four eye control” support
Fuzzy matching support
Global, high-uptime support SLA
Ability to restrict view rights at fine grain, column and row level
Reference data management
7-10 year data archiving (optional extra)
7-10 year data archiving included
Workflow with data exception lifecycle
Additional rights to audit Duco and review security
REST API & SFTP integration
Additional sandbox and test environments (optional extra)
Cash reconciliation, account management, SWIFT support
14 months data archiving
Enhanced workflow (optional extra)
Data platform for reporting (optional extra)
Help and support
Online and phone support
Optional on-site support available
Optional on-site support available
8 hours onboarding help
24 hours onboarding help
Custom onboarding project
Suitable up to:
10 users
75 users
No user limit
50,000 lines up data per day
Tiered volume pricing (no hard limit)
Tiered volume pricing (no hard limit)
Up to 50 inputs
Tiered input pricing (no hard limit)
Tiered input pricing (no hard limit)